Monday, July 18, 2011

Educating Your Children through High School with Classical Conversation's Challenge Programs

Many parents begin to feel inadequate in the homeschool arena as their children enter the middle school and high school years. As you know, these pre-teen and teenage years are crucial and impressionable years! This is when interesting and deep discussions about the things around us and the things we study often begin to take place, but this also is when educating our children becomes more tricky and involved. Parents often ask the questions, “How can we continue to educate our children successfully? How can we do it all?”

The Classical Conversations Challenge Program was specifically designed to assist and empower homeschool parents in the ever-important process of providing an academically rich and well-rounded homeschool experience for middle school and high school students. Trained tutors teach the more difficult subjects and model learning skills. Parents still retain oversight of their student, and continue to hold onto the blessing of learning alongside them. Students receive an opportunity to meet once a week in a small group of their peers, and learn to work more independently as each Challenge Year is completed. Best of all, the curriculum is fully planned, meeting (or exceeding) all educational requirements for Virginia and West Virginia! CC not only helps to prepare kids for college or interesting careers, but for a lifetime of learning. More importantly, our Challenge Programs train and encourage students to ask hard questions, to analyze carefully, to argue and debate, and to think from a Biblical perspective. The Challenge Program provides an excellent choice for families all over the country, so that homeschooling through high school can continue to be an option.

A sampling of some of the books used in Challenge A and Challenge B

If you know what you DON’T want for your teen, but need a positive educational plan, then consider one oe of the Classical Conversations Challenge Programs. The planned curriculum, integration of subjects, and partnership with a trained tutor helps to make a classical Christian education at home DOABLE!

• To learn more about Classical Conversations visit the website:

This Challenge Page  contains a great overview of the program and educational philosophy.

These audios are helpful if you’d like to learn more about the scope and sequence of the Challenge program.

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